Benefits of Daily Contact Lenses

Happy patient with daily contacts

Why use 1-day contact lenses? We can think of so many reasons! Ask one of our doctors to make the switch to daily replaceable lenses today.


  • Hassle-free option for those with a busy lifestyle.


  • Just because they’re disposable doesn’t mean they are of a lesser quality.
  • 1-Day lenses are made from the same breathable, healthy materials as reusable contacts lenses.

Eye Health & Hygiene

  • According to the CDC, most contact lens wearers do not properly follow the contact lenses care instructions for 2-week and monthly lenses.
  • The over wear of reusable contact lenses is linked to a higher risk of keratitis, or inflammation of the cornea (the clear dome that covers the colored part of the eye).
  • Daily contacts don’t accumulate debris and protein deposits from long-term wear in your eyes – they often provide a more comfortable and clear vision experience.
  • Eliminate buildup of bacteria/germs to reduce the risk of eye infections.

Goodbye, Solution

  • Eliminate the need for cleaning and disinfecting lenses. No more hassle!
  • 1-Day lenses are less expensive than you might think – no need for expensive cleaning solutions and cases.

Best option for kids

  • Often the best choice for kids/teens using contacts for the first time.
  • No need to worry about your kids properly cleaning their contact lenses or about what to do if one tears or gets lost–just use a new pair every day!

Hobby Use

  • 1-Day Contact lenses help you live an active lifestyle.
  • Daily lenses don’t interfere with sports and other activities.
  • Consider using daily contacts for activities such as skiing, swimming, golf, or even to leave those glasses at home for date night.
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