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Emergency Eye Care

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Emergency Eye Care

When you need medical attention for an unexpected eye injury or symptom, you can trust our experts at ProEye Vision Center. We offer emergency eye care services in Omaha and Lincoln, Nebraska for sudden vision loss, eye infections, and other serious eye issues. While some eye emergencies require a visit to the emergency room, our eye doctors are often better equipped to handle the situation. Using state-of-the-art equipment, we can promptly diagnose and treat many issues right in our office.  

What is considered an eye emergency? 

It’s crucial to recognize the signs of an eye emergency and take immediate action when necessary. If you have sudden vision loss, swelling, bleeding, eye discharge, or pain in your eye, contact our office immediately or go straight to the nearest emergency room. Eye emergencies can also include cuts, scratches, objects stuck in your eye, burns, or chemical exposure. A sudden increase in eye floaters or seeing flashes of light may also be signs of a serious eye issue, such as retinal detachment, which can lead to blindness without treatment.  

What to do in an eye emergency  

When dealing with an eye emergency, follow these steps to avoid making it worse:    

  • Stay calm. It’s natural to feel stressed or scared, but staying as calm as possible will help you make clear decisions.  
  • If you have a foreign object stuck in your eye, don’t rub your eye or attempt to remove the object yourself.  
  • If you have chemicals in your eyes, flush them with clean, lukewarm tap water for at least 20 minutes. 
  • To prevent swelling around your eye after an injury, apply a cold compress. Gently apply the compress to your eyes to avoid irritation.    
  • Avoid driving if you are experiencing an eye emergency or vision problems.   

Eye emergencies are time-sensitive and can cause permanent damage to your eyes if left untreated. Don’t take chances with your eyes; contact ProEye Vision Center today for emergency eye care in Omaha or Lincoln, Nebraska. If we are unavailable, visit your nearest emergency room for immediate care and contact us for follow-up care.